-This is an informal knitting group that consists of beginning, intermediate, and advanced knitters, so don't be shy. Bring whatever you're working on, no matter how simple or complicated and we'll all help you and oooooo and ahhhhhh over what you do!

The group meets regularly from 5:00-9:00 the first & third Mondays of the month at Aveunue Yarns, 1325 Solano (between Ramona & Pomona) in Albany. The cost for this space is $20.00 each night and if each of us contributes $3.00 we can usually make that easily. If there is money left over, we save it to cover the nights when there are fewer than 10 people. We are free to bring food and drinks as long as we clean up after ourselves. The store will remain open while we are knitting and there are lovely balls of yarn, books and accessories available for purchase. We also meet on the third Saturday of the month at somebody's home from 11-5. The location is determined at the beginning of each month.


... When we are knitting, all is right with the world...
Jill Eaton