The East Bay Knitters began several years ago when the founder, Diane Driver, a REALLY compulsive knitter and yarn accumulator, started attracting other knitters to her side as she knitted on BART, in meetings, in line at the bank, and even at funerals. She organized a small group that met in a number of coffee houses in the Berkeley/Oakland area. The group grew and grew and today there are more than 125 people on the mailing list and a consistent core of about 15-20 knitters. Diane retired from her position at UCBerkeley a few years ago and moved down to Pacific Grove. Before she left, she looked for another compulsive knitter to take over the logistics of the group. She found Dale Ogar, right down the hall in a place where they both had worked for many years. Dale is not as brazen as Diane. She confines her public knitting mostly to airplanes and doctors' waiting rooms, but she agreed to keep the group running.

For a while we knitted at Skein Lane in Kensington but when the store closed, we shifted our operation to a knitting-friendly coffee shop in Berkeley called the Village Grounds. In July of this year, a brand new yarn shop, K2Tog opened up on Solano Avenue in Albany and the owner, Ellen Graves, included a back room for classes and as a permanent place for us to knit. The lighting is great. The store is very cozy and well stocked and we are able to shop there on the nights we knit because Ellen has hired one of our members to keep it open for us.

We have organized a number of outings and field trips over the years, including two knitting retreats at Asilomar (another one is planned for Mother's Day weekend 2008). We have been on two shop-hops, one in San Francisco and another one in Marin County that culminated in a book signing by The Yarn Harlot...and yes, she is as hilarious in person as she is in print! We have gone to Stitches West together and TKGA in Oakland. Two of us went to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico for a knitting retreat/class and we are planning to go back again next year. We share advice, patterns, ideas, food and mostly wonderful friendship and support. It's an informal group without a lot of rules or other tedious administrative requirements and it's a very warm and welcoming place to knit.

We hope you'll enjoy the addition of this new website as we incorporate more and more information to share with one another. If you are on the mailing list you will also receive lots of reminders about upcoming events.

Charity Knitting 

The East Bay Knitters have been involved in a number of charity knitting projects.   more>>>